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NOTICE:  The current Dream Drop Weight Loss System consists of 1 – Dream Drop Kit, 2 – cases of Vemma BURN and 1 – 7 Day Vemma Cleanse.  Do not start anything until you have all materials.  Also, in some of the videos I will discuss the Vemma BURN concentrate and Vemma REST.  Some of you may or may not have the REST or Burn Concentrates depending on actual conversations we have had.  I recommend REST for those who have problems sleeping.  If you have questions, feel free to email Dr. Daniel 🙂

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  • Introduce yourself to everyone and say Hi….

  • Tiffany

    Hi everyone! I’m back for round 2, I don’t think I could have finished Round 1 without Amanda and Daniel! They are amazing and a great team. I’m blessed to be part of their Dream Drops family. 🙂