Why Dream Drops Work


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What if we could show you a system of eating so different from anything else you’ve ever done, that you’d notice a change in your body in just 10 Days?  That’s right, 10 days into this program and you could be feeling more energetic and already losing weight.

skinny-on-fatForget about your past dieting failures for a moment.

Just focus on one thought right now…WHAT IF it was really possible to change your body in 11 days?

Believe it or not it’s really possible to change your body over the NEXT 10 DAYS, and it’s much easier than you think…in fact, the first 2 days include eating as much as you can of the foods that you’d never eat while dieting!

That’s right………..if you want to get NOTICEABLY THINNER IN THE MIRROR in the next few days, you need to first start off by eating high fat, high calorie foods.

This program is about resetting your hormones and metabolism, and to do this, you need to shock your body!

all-about-hormonesDid you know that your brain controls the release of Fat Burning Hormones after each meal?  It’s true.

Every time you eat something there are 2 types of hormones released into your bloodstream, and together they control Fat Burning and Fat Storage.

Also, did you know that these 2 hormones are controlled by the TYPES of foods you eat?  It’s true.  And this is why Dream Drops has a specific protocol for what you eat and when you eat it.  If we are going to heal your cells and improve your body’s metabolism, we need a science based system – not simply reducing calories or cutting out certain foods!!!

[font family=”impact,chicago” size=”32″ color=”1357A4″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”0″]The Dream Drops Weight Loss System[/font][font family=”impact,chicago” size=”26″ color=”D72872″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”0″]Manipulates Fat Burning Hormones[/font]

Dream Drops manipulates these hormones….so after each meal your body will produce a greater quantity of Fat Burning Hormones….while Fat Storing Hormones are MINIMIZED as much as possible.  Additionally, the Liquid Nutrition System that is part of the system helps to increase energy, metabolism and provides for key minerals that help to rebuild your body, reversing weight loss resistance!

[font family=”impact,chicago” size=”32″ color=”1357A4″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”left” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”90″]So if certain types of food can turn on and off hormones, What will I be eating?[/font]

Food is like a LIGHT SWITCH which can turn Fat Burning ON or OFF.

The primary goal of this program is to reset your hormones and metabolism.  So you will be following a specific eating plan consisting of GOOD FOOD!  This means you’ll be eating chicken, beef, fish, salads, vegetables and taking high quality liquid nutrition supplements that all together will allow your body to heal.

[font family=”impact,chicago” size=”32″ color=”1357A4″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”left” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”90″]The main reason why people fail to lose weight:[/font]

The main reason that prevents people from losing weight is ENDLESS procrastination.

Most people tell themselves that they’ll begin dieting “next week” or “after some future holiday” (or some other excuse) — and that let’s them procrastinate even further.

Why would you want to remain overweight until some future “month” or “time of year”?

Getting skinny today allows you to wear more attractive (and better fitting) clothes right now….and that feeling is very worthwhile.  More importantly, why would you ever put health on hold?  I know that most people suffering from debilitating disease that could have been prevented wish they hadn’t put their health on hold as well.

So, I’ve put a time limit on how much you can save by starting today!

So we encourage you to pull out your calendar and circle today’s date.  Then, count 10 days and circle that day too. That day will be come very fast, and why wouldn’t you choose to change your life forever before that time comes?

Every journey begins with taking that first step………….and if you never take that first step then you’ll never have a thinner and more attractive body.


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